Benefits of using compounded drugs

Benefits of Using Compounded Drugs

Some people are unable to take certain types of medications. For such individuals, the concept of compounded drugs might offer a viable solution. The following brief piece examines what compounded drugs are, the reasons they may be necessary, in addition to how they benefit those who take them.

What Are Compounded Drugs?

Compounded drugs are individualized medications comprised of chemical substances, usually one or more active ingredients mixed together with certain inactive ingredients depending on the dosage form specifically designed to fit a prescribed person’s specific medical needs. The process of compounding is completed under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist or physician and, in most instances, are available only at a compounding pharmacy.

Why Are Compounded Drugs Necessary?

In many cases, compounded medications are prepared for individuals stricken with allergies to specific drugs they rely on to maintain their health and/or control an illness. In addition, compounded preparations may be prescribed to those who are unable to ingest a specific drug in the manner it is typically prepared. For example, people experiencing swallowing difficulties would need to receive a drug usually prescribed in pill form in a manner offering a different means of administration, such as in a liquid preparation or injection.

What Are The Benefits Of Taking Compounded Drugs?

Compounded drugs can offer individuals prescribed such substances several different benefits. Some of these include:

Combining Specific Drugs

Assuming the drugs in question are compatible and neither contraindicate nor interact with one another, compounded drugs can be comprised of two or more different substances. Having several medications broken down into one pill and/or other specific preparation can enable individuals with multiple health problems and/or those prescribed several different medications the freedom of becoming less reliant on pills, in addition to not having to formulate a schedule around when to take them.

Eliminating The Inclusion Of Side Effect-Causing Chemicals

Certain drugs, particularly those prepared in pill form, may contain chemical allergens like dyes or certain inactive ingredients. These substances have the potential to cause uncomfortable, possibly harmful manifestations in sensitive individuals. Compounded drugs are prepared free of any such substances.

Enabling More Individualized Dosing

Compounded drugs are not subjected to the specific dosages that many non-compounded preparations are. On some occasions, established dosages may prove ineffective in combating certain illnesses and/or may precipitate side effects. Compounded preparations can be altered to fit an individual’s specific needs and circumstances.

Making The Administration Of Certain Medications More Bearable

Specific drugs may be difficult to take due to issues like a bitter taste. Compounded drugs can be flavored to make the administration process more tolerable and can also be compounded in many types of dosage forms.