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    • Linda Eye

      Dealing with this pharmacy for my cat Ziggy has been amazing. They are very helpful did all they could to get information from the vet for the medication and sent out the medications the same day. When I needed a new prescription they asked how he was doing on the medication and are very caring about their patients even my little kitty. Glad I found them on line and made the call. Oh and free shipping. Thank You CareFirst.

    • Lynn Draper

      We have had great experiences with CareFirst! Everyone we have worked with there has been very nice and professional. We were also able to save money on our dog’s prescription by using them instead of a local compounding pharmacy.

    • Bradley Matthews

      Professional, speedy service. Prices are excellent to. CF came highly recommended by my physician for my LDN prescription.

    • Joan P.

      I'm saving 66% on my dog's meds through Care First. A standard pharmacy supplies the drug only in 10 mg. Increments, so I have to buy 90 pills for 30 days. The Care First pills cost about the same, but Care First compounds a single 30 mg dose into one pill. 90 pills last 90 days, and I have only 1 pill to get down my pup's throat. I have a happier dog, and a happy budget.

    • JoAnn R.

      My Yorkie was diagnosed with Cushings Disease. He has to be on medication for the rest of his life and it is very difficult to determine and regulate the dosage. After his last blood test the veterinarian wanted to change him to 20 mg of Trilostane daily. Unfortunately, the manufacturer of this medication for veterinary use only makes it in 5, 10, 30 and 60 mg capsules. I would have had to buy two 30 packs of 10 mg capsules which was prohibitively expensive.

      I was desperate and googled how to get a 20 mg dose of trilostane for my dog and up cam CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy. I contacted them and they called me back within a few hours. They were able to make the medication in a 20 mg dose that is scored in quarters. That way, if his dose needs to be adjusted up or down it can be done easily.

      They contacted my vet for the script and I received the medication within 3 days. They even called to make sure I got it and again to see how it was working. I can't say enough about how wonderful this pharmacy is. I will use them every single chance I get. Highly recommend.

    • Diane J.

      Our poor kitty, Lola was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, which means a lifetime of medication. We contacted Carefirst for guidance with the best way to medicate. They gave us all the options and we choose the treats thinking that woukd be easy. Lola, is a cat not to be reckoned with. She ate everything but the treat, we tried chopping g it it up, hiding it in hwr food. Not a bite woukd she take.

      Called Carefirst and the told us not a problem. They explained about the gel pen..they sent it to us with explicit directions.

      The folks there are great. I can call anytime for help and they are so patient. They always ask how Lola is doing.

    • Leslie D.

      I found CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy online while searching where to buy medicine for my dog Jake. They had the medicine I was looking for, and at a price that can't be beat. If that wasn't enough to sell me on CareFirst, their customer service is impeccable.They went above and beyond what any other business would have done. While I did not expect their compassion and heart, I am completely overwhelmed and appreciative of their immense kindness. I highly recommend CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy.

    • A. H.

      Great customer service! Lower prices! Quick delivery! Couldn't ask for more. Thank you!

    • Elie P.

      I needed to find a drugstore that did compound drugs for animals. I was able to find this on the Internet. Bob couldn't could've been nicer. The medication I needed for my dog no longer came in tablet form so he helped me with selecting what would be best for my pet. The medicine could be made either in liquid form or capsule. After deciding capsule would be a nightmare to try to administer, we went with liquid and he said he would be sending me the syringes give the dose to my dog. He also selected a flavor for the medication to make it easier for my dog to take.It has been several weeks since I received the medication and my dog is doing very well on it. I received a call today from the pharmacy checking up on how everything is going. That to me is very good customer service . I would highly recommend this pharmacy to anyone needing medication for their pets.

    • Eddie L.

      Excellent customer service, attentive and accommodating throughout the transaction. Shipping was fast and easy. I will use this service again.

    • Sid F.

      Fantastic transaction due to awesome service and knowledgeable staff. Shipping was prompt and items arrived just as described.