When it comes to prescription medications for children, there are many challenges that parents, kids and practitioners need to overcome: The child may not be able to swallow a solid dosage form, or may dislike the flavor or texture of a liquid medication. If the usual treatment is an injection, the child’s fear of the needle may prove to be a major problem. These difficulties are why many pediatricians and other practitioners work with CFS Pharmacy to customize medications that meet the needs and tastes of their young patients.

Customized medications from CFS Pharmacy can make it easier for children to take the medications that they need in a number of ways. Most drugs have a limited pediatric market and are not labeled or approved for use in infants and children, or are not available in a form that is suitable for pediatric use. Our compounding professionals know how to deliver oral medications in dosage forms that children will be more willing to take, such as flavored suspensions, freezer pops, lozenges or “gummy bears,” concentrates and even lollipops -- the perfect solution when you need a “swish and swallow” delivery method for medications that need to be present in the mouth for a longer period of time.

With appealing flavors, colors and dosage forms, our customized compounded medications can be the key to enticing a child to take the medicine he or she needs. But our expert compounding involves more than just a more attractive flavor or presentation: We take into account the physical and chemical properties of the active and inactive ingredients we work with to produce a medication that is safe and effective as well as kid-friendly.

With many drugs, we can also compound them into transdermal gels that can be applied to the child’s skin for absorption. We can also include helpful additives such as penetration enhancers when appropriate. Contact us to discuss your patient’s needs, and we can help you decide on a customized medication.