As with so many areas of medicine, podiatry care can be enhanced by the use of compounded medications. Not only can we prepare customized medications based on the prescriber’s patient population, or on the kind of proven formulas learned about in the course of our professional training, but we have access to equipment and ingredients that are not always commercially available in other pharmacies.

Podiatrists frequently choose CFS Pharmacy and our customized compounded medications for help with a number of problems that other solutions don’t address. For example, we can combine numerous medications into a single delivery method for ease of administration, as long as the component drugs are compatible. Using certain medications concomitantly can also produce a synergistic effect that is more effective than using the medications on their own. And we can improve the absorption of topical medications by adding penetrant enhancers.

Contact our compounding professionals to find out more about the use of compounded medications in podiatry, as well as to discuss dosage method and amount. We’ll work with you to develop just-right solutions for your patients’ needs.