Benefits of using compounded drugs for pets

One of the many responsibilities of raising pets is making sure they are fed, bathed, and loved. Our furry friends also need to be taken to the veterinarian on a regular basis to make sure they are happy and healthy. However, sometimes animals undergo health symptoms when doctors are not around and the responsibility of primary care falls onto the shoulders of the owner. If ever found in a situation like this, it may be recommended that you use compounded drugs for your animals in order to ensure a less stressful and easier method to administering medication to your pets.

Compounding is the manipulation of a drug beyond that which is described on the label. Some examples of compounding may include mixing different drug types together, creating an oral concoction out of a solid, crushed tablet, or applying a gel through the skin of a feline. Whichever way chosen to use compound drugs, they may offer an alternative for your animal friends.

Pets are known to not accept medication into their mouths, creating stress and frustrations on both the owner and the animal. Sometimes the tablet can be too big, and the pet will not be able to swallow the medicine safely and conveniently. Other times the tablet may be too small for the symptoms your pet is displaying, therefore making you have to get the animal to swallow not only one, but multiple tablets of the same medicine just to ensure the desired effect. With compounded drugs, the owner can make sure that the proper amount and size of the medicine is dispersed into their pet’s mouth without much trouble. Another dose will never be missed again.

Like children, animals can be extremely finicky when it comes to the tastes they find in their mouth. They can reject medicine and spit it out if the flavor is not quite to their liking. With compounded drugs, the flavor can be anything that the animal has previously shown a liking for. Medicines for dogs can be taken in either liver, beef, cheese, chicken, or anything else for that matter. The same deal goes for our feline friends as well. Flavors for these animals can range anywhere from tuna, sardines, liver oil, or any other fish. It all depends on the preferences of the animal in question.

Specifically recommended for cat patients is using transdermal gel for some medications. This form of medication is one of the least known but most highly effective forms of treatment. This gel allows for the medication to be absorbed through the animal’s skin, so there is no need to swallow any forms of pills or tablets. To apply this gel, you simply use your covered hand to rub the gel or with a special applicator onto the cat’s inner ear flap. It is completely safe and the easiest method to apply medication.

The benefits of using compound drugs apply to both the pet and the owner. This form of medication creates a stress-free and happier environment