Pet Medications

Your Pets are Special and Their Medication Should Be Too

Your pet is unique in every way. Most of the time, that uniqueness is in their personality and playfulness – but it can also mean their medical needs. Compounding pharmacies are keenly aware of how medicines can affect animals, and want tohelp meet the healing necessities of your pet with a treatment as unique as they are.

Compounding itself has a storied history, and is a trustworthy and safe way to treat pets. Since dogs, cats, and other pets have been gracing us with their love and faithfulness, vets have been using simple, customized compounds to keep pets and pet owners happy.

A Hairy Truth

While we may not like to admit it, animals can be afflicted with of the same ailments as humans. This includes everything from ear infections, rashes, heart problems, and even cancer.Making sure your pet gets the right medication presents some distinctive issues that can be remedied through compounding.

Despite the similarities in the diseases humans and pets share, pets are often unable to handle the preferred treatment for humans.The nice thing is, there arehigh quality compounded medications backed by extensively research that can help. Most compounding formulas for animals have been tested extensively for potency and stability, ensuring the right treatment is administered.

How Can We Help You?

CareFirst can be your compounding medicine solution. The medicine your pet receives can vary in flavoring and dosage, and the services we offer can make the medication your pet requires easier to take.Here are a few of the options you have with CareFirst:

  • 4-Way Flex Dose – a chewable tablet that can be broken into four pieces for easier dosing.
  • Flavoring– chicken, fish, beef, duck, marshmallow
  • Mini Tablet –Our smallest tablets, for pets who have difficulty with bigger ones
  • EZ-Derm pens –helps you apply medicationto your pet’s ears

Your pet is worthevery bit of care you can give, so you want to get your medicine from a trusted source. As a reputable specialist in compounding, you can trust CareFirst Pharmacy. Our mission is to offertailoredcompounds and high quality service that can keep your beloved pet healthy for years to come.