The Triad Relationship

At CareFirst we understand that the relationship between veterinarians, pharmacists and pet owners are important and we will work together to improve the lives of animals by formulating ways to make medications that appeal to both pet and owner. This is called the triad relationship and is considered the foundation of specialized compounded veterinary preparations.

When Veterinarians need alternative ways to treat their patients they turned to a licensed compounding pharmacy for medicine problem solving. Once the medicine is determined, the pet owner, Veterinarian and the CareFirst team will identify the best delivery option.

We know how important our role is in the triad relationship. We maintain open and constant communication with the Veterinarians and their staff, answering any questions that may arise and aspiring to meet their patient's needs. Our staff is dedicated to a total approach of professionalism.

CareFirst has extensive experience formulating pharmaceutical prescriptions to enhance the treatment of veterinary patients.