Biotin USP Compounded

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Biotin USP

We compound high strength Biotin Capsules USP in our nationally accredited state of the art compounding facility.

Biotin USP
Biotin USP Biotin USP Compounded

This medication requires a prescription.

To process your order we will require a prescription from you or your Prescriber. We will only compound and dispense upon receipt of a valid patient specific prescription. Please note that our compounds are exclusively provided for individual patient and are not for office use.

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We are a nationally accredited PCAB compounding pharmacy and a .Pharmacy verified website. A verified .Pharmacy website designation ensures our patients and prescribing partners that our website is verified and safe.

This is a compounded medication specifically made for you based on a prescription from your licensed physician.

Our expert compounding pharmacists compound pharmaceutical grade Biotin USP (D-Biotin, Vitamin-H) which is a highly concetrated and purified form of Biotin called D-Biotin. D-Biotin is highly biovailable and more easily absorbed by the body compared to over the counter biotin nutraceutical versions. Please contact us for additional information.

Compounded Prescription D-Biotin vs OTC BIOTIN

 CareFirst Specialty Pharmacy®OTC Biotin

USP Grade Biotin

All ingredients (including inactives)
are from FDA registered suppliers

EVERY batch is independently
tested for full USP compendium by
a US Certified Laboratory

Gluten Free

No Animal Base By Product

Veggie Capsules

Compounded by a Nationally
Accredited Pharmacy

Not Manufactured by Unknown 3rd
Party Manufacturer

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What is Biotin?

Biotin goes by several other names: vitamin H, vitamin B7, and coenzyme R. Biotin is an essential molecule to biological processes which cannot be produced in the body. Like all vitamins, it must be ingested in the diet. Common sources of biotin include leafy green vegetables, peanuts, saskatoon berries, and raw egg yolk. Egg whites, however, contain the protein avidin, which binds very tightly to biotin, reducing its ability to be absorbed in the gut.

The letters “USP” after Biotin refer to the United States Pharmacopeia: a non-governmental regulatory entity which identifies and applies standards and references for drug products used in the United States and in other countries. By receiving a product with “USP” after the name, you can be assured the highest quality standards were used in its formulation.

What is Biotin’s Role in The Body?

Biotin is a cofactor for four essential enzymes in the human body which help the body build fatty acids from smaller molecular building blocks. Without biotin these enzymes cannot function. In a biotin deficient state, symptoms can include skin rash, brittle hair, and hair loss (alopecia). Neurological symptoms, including depression, lethargy, hallucinations, and paresthesia of the extremities, are also associated with biotin deficiency. This may be attributed to biotin’s role in fatty acid oxidation which is profusely required in the brain.

Biotin has recently been identified as a potential therapy for multiple sclerosis patients. When given at very high doses of 300 milligrams daily (the adequate daily intake is just 30 micrograms), it has been shown to significantly improve symptoms of primary progressive and secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.


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Biotin USP

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Troches and suppositories require refrigeration (ice packs) and will incur an extra charge of $19.95 per order.

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