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Our expert compounding pharmacists compound Diltiazem in a rectal cream/ointment. Please contact us for additional information.


This medication requires a prescription.

To process your order we will require a prescription from you or your Prescriber. We will only compound and dispense upon receipt of a valid patient specific prescription. Please note that our compounds are exclusively provided for individual patient and are not for office use.

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Diltiazem 2% Rectal Cream/Ointment (Optional Lidocaine) Compounded

Diltiazem hydrochloride, a calcium channel blocker, can be used for treating anal fissures by lowering anal sphincter pressure(smooth muscle around the rectum), and also promotes wound healing and treat external thrombosed hemorrhoids. The use of topical 2% diltiazem hydrochloride for treating anal fissures is supported by multiple clinical trials. There no commercially manufactured formulation of topical 2% diltiazem has been approved yet by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of anal fissure, prescriptions for the medication need to be compounded with a prescription from a doctor.

Diltiazem HCl
Lidocaine (Optional) 

Consult your prescriber.

This is a compounded medication specifically made for you based on a prescription from your licensed physician.

Troches and suppositories require refrigeration (ice packs) and will incur an extra charge of $19.95 per order.

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